Friday, June 29, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012
A few days later I was not good, all because when I watch a show that I found from my university colleagues. Initially well until the time when I think about and ponder. The show is titled "3 Idiots". Indeed show that a fire, burning the soul to regain its footing. I turned it up to the umpteenth time, I was very surprised and really can not believe, unlike usually when I watch shows only one round, but this one is different and makes me want to continue playing. Curiosity and want to know what is really meant instead of those impressions, to search for text in order to satisfy the curiosity of the bubbling. For a moment I enjoyed it with a text that has been available. These impressions are not familiar to me, because I've never watched it when I was camping with friends in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. I'm not bored. Makes me feel even more admire people who make those impressions.
When asked if the impressions gained from it?
Many very much. Said. Yes stems from the words that changed everything, says what makes men brave and broke through space and time. Not heed the word when it is lodged in the ear and a consideration for the advancement of life. The word is any formulation than the action, to put it all together and we can be talking about a word we can understand the other person.
Huuuuuufffftttthhhhh ...... a lot of definitions of the word, but in the end words are poison, breathing can be a positive force or negative breathing, can generate or destroy.
Admiration will figure figures contained in the story inspired many people it is not surprising that the show is finally getting the Nobel Prize in 2009, is modeled on the best impressions throughout the year. He benefited, but I feel the loss like a virus that eats away at every organ of my body, I do not know what's really going on inside me. I'm like a bird in a cage that can not be free with my will. Have I been wrong in choosing something? Will this affect the continuity of progress in the next day? Is this good for me?
'Aal Iz Well' is a formula or incantation can be said to be useful in times of difficulty when a person who experienced it so he asked to mention it with full confidence that what happens will be fine, although not as one might imagine, those impressions to the idea that what happens is progressing well. In passing in my mind, I was invited to imagine and to agree on what is happening. In fact the reality of our lives many times people who do things in haste, and led to failure, while impressions are taught to remain calm and do not think the worst possible picture of an event, but do so? I tried criticized!
Indeed, while many things are debated in my mind and into the fruit consideration in my thinking, will this affect me?
I'm sad!
This sadness drag on the question of faculty who could not answer me. Thoughts affect me.

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